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Brad Tretola

   Brad Tretola is an accomplished and passionate musician, bringing a certain love and energy to music that can only fully be understood when experienced live. As a guitarist, bassist, and vocalist, he is deeply rooted in all genres of music. Brad has lived the majority of his life as a touring and session musician. A long time resident of Austin, Texas, his love for music extends beyond performing and recording into writing, teaching, and custom guitar building.

   Brad began modifying and building guitars back in 2012. He always had a fascination with the engineering and functionality of the instrument from a very young age. As he grew as a player and began exploring the styles and tones of his favorite players, the fascination grew into a passion for modifying and ultimately custom building guitars that contained what he personally desired in an instrument. As other musicians played his guitars the interest grew for him to modify and set up their guitars, evolving into custom built orders. At this time Brad discovered Locke Custom Guitars and wanted to see what the hype was about. After recieving a handful of samples, Brad determined the work coming out of the Locke Custom Guitar shop was in fact leaps and bounds beyond what Brad had experienced with other suppliers. Once they realized they were on common ground with build ideas and purpose, they decided to utilize their chemistry of practical ideas and join forces. Brad gladly joined the LCG team. The result is an exciting and ongoing creative journey, as they help many musicians achieve the instruments of their dreams that inspires and enables them into their full creative and playing potential.

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