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#Elephant in the room

Many of you are wondering what happened. Are you still in business? When will you guys re-open? What is taking so long?

All great questions.

We can sum up all questions with this explanation. Demand became so great that we had to make a decision on how to accommodate the "new norm" that was business. At the end of the day, we outgrew our shop and we decided to make the leap to source a larger space, more equipment, more help, etc. This may sound like its simple. However, anyone with an ounce of business sense would understand that an expansion like this must be carefully planned in order to make a successful transition. Once a well thought out plan was put together, lining up financing became the next hurdle. Some may not know this, but the financial climate right now is a cluster-F. Banks are not wanting to give you money like they were a few years ago. After doing the dog and pony show, things are finally squared away, and we have everything finalized. At this point with the schedule that has been given to us, we can say we will have the store re-opened Mid-November. Sorry boys and girls, it is what it is. Obviously, we can't change what transpired, but you are just going to have to have faith that everything will be worth the wait. A lot has been put on the line to make for an even better customer experience.

We can't wait to announce all of the cool stuff coming to the site to better serve your projects. Afterall, this was all done to support the replica builder community. We aren't going anywhere, despite what some rude messages we have received say. We will be expanding our catalog into all sorts of different areas.



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