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News? Wait, LCG is still alive?

I cant believe its already August in the year 2021. I think its safe to say the past 18 months has been chaotic for all of us on our little blue rock we call earth. I hope all of you are healthy, and keeping your spirits up. Some of us have lost loved ones, and I don't know about you guys but tomorrow is always an uncertainty.

Now I am sure you observant people will notice that the "store" has been empty for about a year now. Trust me when I say this wasn't the plan. Some of the more "vocal" people on social media have made some comments regarding LCG and how we don't have anything for sale. Well those people have never even contacted us, and sucks for them because they are missing out. Pretty much what has been happening since March of this year is we build a boat load of stuff for inventory with all intentions of putting it on the website. But we get slammed with emails every week with inquiries and that inventory gets snatched before it ever gets on the site, or posted on social media for that matter. So the moral of the story is, hit us up, you may be pleasantly surprised.

As one of the leaders in replica guitar parts, things got a in October of 2020. We pretty much had to limit all ordering to just our OEM/Pro builder clients. We didn't have the capacity to handle the public and the pro's. We started opening the flood gates in January of 2021 and ran with custom orders on a case by case basis until about March 2021 when things started to normalize. Then the plan was to build for stock on popular items to basically make turn around time same day. I think we are one of the only ones trying that approach. Its partially selfish on our part because we are building what we want to build, but you guys get the benefit of crazy fast shipping. So for the past 4 months now we have been pumping out popular products and its been great. Obviously it would look better if the store was up, but you guys are the reason stuff never makes it there!

Another thing that's happened this year is Don in the custom shop has moved into a larger facility. He ran out of room to work because of you guys! Now his shop is about 2000 square feet and hes also expanded equipment to help streamline the process. That is what we do here at LCG, constant reinvestment into the company and constant improvement to give you, the customer, the best product you can buy.

Oh did you guys see the guitar we built for Pete Thorn and his pickup shootout? That was a great time. Be sure to go to Pete's YouTube page and look it up if you haven't seen it already. Guitarworld did an article on it, so by extension we made it into GuitarWorld boys!

I know I have been pretty absent from social media the past year, so I don't get a chance to say it as much as I should. But thank you. To all of you. You guys are the reason we strive for perfection. To make sure these parts are as accurate as humanly possible, because you deserve it.

Much love.


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