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Welcome to the all new Locke Custom Guitars website. We have spent the last several weeks behind the scenes creating a new platform from the ground up. Some of you may or not be aware, but last fall we had a catastrophic loss on the last website. We worked with our web development team to restore a shell of the previous website. Unfortunately there were glitches in the matrix that didn't allow the website to work as designed. The only way to fix a bloody forehead is to stop beating your head against the wall. We listened to you and took note of the errors that were happening between account registration and checkout processing and decided to go another route. While starting from scratch with an all new platform was a touch daunting, it was a necessary evil in order to move forward.

Fortunately the cure was in this case way better than the disease. The new platform makes staying in touch and updating all of you considerably easier. We now have a way to blog from a mobile app. We can also add products from the mobile app. So many cool things about the new platform that makes it easy to forget about the misery of our catastrophic failure.

We want to thank all of our loyal customers for a wonderful 2019. Each year gets better and better. Lets continue this momentum at the start of a new decade and make the 2020's the best yet!


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