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What the hell happened?

Yeah we get this question a lot. Long story short folks, we are busy! Our customers that build guitars for their customers have slammed us with work. Due to time constraints and verbal contracts, their work takes priority. Cant skimp on perfection just to add serial numbers to the books.

What does that mean for you? Have no fear, we will be back and the store will have products available to purchase again when time permits. We thought that time would have come by now, but momentum hasn't seemed to slow up yet.

"What if I am willing to wait for the best?" - That wait could be a while, but if you're a patient person then feel free to hit us up with your request.

"I heard a rumor that you have been shut down from a cease and desist?" - Yeah that's a new one, but no that rumor is false.

Unsolicited advice for the Ed heads that want to build a tribute to our fallen hero. Be patient. Choose your supplier carefully. Read the previous blog post and commit it to memory. "FOMO" is real, and don't be the person that ends up disappointed. So I will say it again, only more aggressively - BE PATIENT. It will reward you much more in the end if you don't rush into a project without doing your research first. The ghosts of the past will end up haunting you.

In other news - new page is live on the site. Want to know who we are? Well now you get a chance to hear a little bit about us.



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