FiftyFifty Neck3

The moment you all have been waiting for! Locke Custom Guitars is finally offering up the most accurate rendition of the FiftyFifty neck ever re-created. This is is what we call our "Current" version. This is where we took our "Spec" version and added the 7th tuner hole along with simulated where the headstock broke. This is for the ultimate enthusiast that has to have the neck as it looks today.



-Glued on maple wings to create the "banana" shape

-Doweled original tuner holes from the "Lawsuit" headstock shape

-"7th" tuner hole with simulated crack

-1pc construction with skunk stripe

-1 way compression truss rod

-22 6105 nickel frets

-Short nut shelf faithful to the original

-10" fretboard radius

-Asymetrical rear profile just like the mans (.81/.91)

-10mm tuner holes on unique hole pattern

-2 3/16" wide heel

-Rolled fretboard edges

    Wood Type
    Nut Width
    Nut Type
    Fretboard Overhang

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