Welcome to Locke Custom Guitars

The LCG shop is 100% set up for building solid-body electric guitar components. Our primary specialty would be replica guitar bodies of famous guitar players, and more specifically unique body shapes and features that you cannot get elsewhere. I have been practicing luthiery since 2005 and have been building the wood products in house since 2008. Although the bulk of the work on our product is done by a highly accurate CNC router, the contouring is all done by hand to replicate the vintage feel of the old instruments. Pride in our work starts with the wood selection, as we hand pick each and every board that is brought in house. We know our customers will most likely paint their merchandise in an opaque finish, but we make sure our lumber is good enough for transparent finishes at no extra charge. Quality is never skimped in order to push product out the door. Everything is designed and tested first in 3d CAD software, that is the key to making sure there will be no surprises during manufacturing. We want to make sure our customers don’t have to do any modifications in order to make a playable instrument when they put it together. Our bodies are designed around industry standard parameters so any standard neck will bolt up without issues. Although we have a product line so to say, we are always open to custom requests. We don’t need blueprints in order to bring your vision to a reality. A simple hand sketch would be good enough to get started. The joy in building doesn’t come from getting dusty in the shop, the joy is seeing what our customers do with their blank canvas.