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Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. 

We have changed our primary international shipping vendor to UPS. The cost is higher than the postal service, but delivery it typically within a week after shipment to anywhere in the world. International is priced liberally to cover all bases, any excess shipping fees will be refunded at shipment.

Do you accept returns?

We will accept returns on standard guitar bodies and guitar necks should you be unsatisfied barring they were never installed or modified in any way. They are subject to a 10% restocking fee and return shipping is up to the customer. Guitar bodies must be returned within 30 calendar days and guitar necks must be returned within 15 calendar days. 

How long until my order ships?

As we are build to order at the moment, lead times are currently 8 weeks to ship. We will do the best we can to ship early. This area will be updated on a regular basis to keep you informed on where we stand.

I don't see the wood I want listed as an option, can you make it?

Absolutely. Only the popular wood choices are set as standard options in the store. If there's a body or neck you want made from a different wood, just ask and we can get you an invoice. Or if you have a nice blank that you want us to cut, we can explore that as well. 

How are your products made?

This is a bit of a complicated answer. Guitar bodies and guitar necks are cut on a CNC machine. However they are only machined rough on the CNC. The important parts like neck pocket, tremolo location, fret slots, nut location are cut to finish for precision on the CNC. Each body and neck then goes through an extensive hand finishing phase. Neck profiles are hand refined for that broken in feel. Necks are polished so they are slick to the hand. Bodies are finish sanded to a high grit so they are ready for paint. Our shops are climate controlled with a ~45% relative humidity target. This helps ensure stability of the finished product no matter where it ends up in the world. We recommend keeping your instruments stored where the room is 40-50% relative humidity.

Do you offer finishing services?

Yes and no. We can provide an oil finish for a small surcharge to bodies or necks. We do not offer painting services in house, but we can point you in the right direction to trusted shops depending what kind of paint job you're looking to achieve. 


Bodies are warrantied against workmanship. Unfinished necks are warrantied for 30 calendar days after shipment.  You must apply a finish within that time for a warranty to be valid against material issues. We are not liable for any necks that twist or warp beyond 30 days without a finish.

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