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Welcome to Locke Custom Guitars. We are proud to be innovators of the highest standard, using cutting-edge technologies to lead the industry forward. Through meticulous and reliable work, our company has become known as a top Guitar Manufacturer. Have a look at our top sellers and let us know if you have any questions about our process.

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Rock Star Guitar Bodies

Rock Star Guitar Necks

Signature Series

FiftyFifty Basic.png

FiftyFifty | Basic

The FiftyFifty is a 2 piece basswood body modeled after a famous guitar from the 80s. Due to a constant quest to improve, we decided to pull the stops and go all out. We tracked down an early B series Pacer Special, purchased it, disected it, then 3d scanned it. It was massaged further to be as true to the real deal that we could possibly muster. We can finally take a sigh of relief that we did it.

YellowJacket Front.png

Yellow Jacket

This body is about as obscure as it gets. The MagaZone is for the fan that must have them all.

Wolfenstein Front.png


The Wolfenstein is a 2 piece body modeled after a certain highly modified "$25,000.00" replica guitar so it could accommodate a "WG" neck. Pickup routes are the same as our "High Definition" Frank. Neck pocket is angled and will accept a 2-3/16" wide heel "WG" neck or "Strype Series" Neck. The heel is contoured. If you purchased a neck from a parts reseller and it came with the hardware and ferrules, select the OEM neck mounting option. If you are using your own neck mounting hardware, select 15mm ferrule option. You will need to fill and re-drill your neck to fit the bodies holt pattern.

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