The Frank

The Frank is a 2 piece North Ash body modeled after a famous guitar from the 80s. Body shape is duplicated from a rare Azusa "S" style from the 70s. The "chiseled" pickup feature was modeled from many pictures in 3d CAD and cut on a CNC router. Touted by most builders as the most accurate replica body on the market.


North Ash shown in photos.


-Drilled for OFR with wood screw posts 
-Will accommodate big sustain block 
-2 extra screw holes drilled under the neck plate 
-Ghost single coil feature in the pickup cavities 
-2 3/16 standard s style neck pocket. 
-Neck sliver on the treble side of the pocket


Pair with one of our "SeventyEight" necks for your black and white replica or our "FranknNeck" for your red,white and black replica.


Note regarding the "round-over" option. The round-over is the round edges on the perimeter of the body. In light of the recent art exhibition exposing new details we are giving you the option on round-over accuracy. Some of you may want the accuracy of the real deal with his heavy handed sanding in some areas so we are calling that option "replica 3/8". We are also giving the option of a "factory standard" 3/8" option. "factory standard" is how it would look perfectly from the factory. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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