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  • ENHANCED FOR 2022!


    The Frank is a 2 piece North Ash body modeled after a famous guitar from the 70s/80s. We were table to track down a body made from the same time period from the same templates made by the same guy and we purchased it. We 3d scanned the body and compared it to the thousands of reference photos and made subtle tweaks where necessary. This is as close as you can get to the real deal. You can see the two photos that show the difference in pickup routes.


    New for 2022:

    Revised tremolo cavity based on "MET" photos

    Tweaked pickup routes


    What is "Body Spec"

    Simple answer is, "Standard" is what we have been supplying for years. Its good enough for the 98%. The "High Definition" is where we take the "Standard" and enhance everything in the pickup cavities. There is a section that is 3d carved like the mans, the chisel whack is there. The botched Floyd install is shown on the rear and all pickguard holes are dilled. If you want exact, High Definition is your choice. Both bodies retain the same contours, shape, tremolo routes, etc.


    North Ash "High Definition" spec shown in photos.


    -Drilled for OFR with wood screw posts 
    -Will accommodate big sustain block 
    -2 extra screw holes drilled under the neck plate 
    -Ghost single coil feature in the pickup cavities 
    -2 3/16 standard s style neck pocket. 
    -Neck sliver on the treble side of the pocket


    Pair with our "FranknNeck" for your red,white and black replica.



    The Frank

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